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Ask Away   Newly 22 year old college (Public Policy) graduate. Just entered an M.S. Nutrition program, aspiring clinical Registered Dietician. My passions are Fitness, Health, Policy, and finding happiness in anything and everything I can. Also my puggle, Peanut who is the most incredible creature I have ever and will ever know.


    I’ll probably get unfollows for this many selfies, but the second rule of Bold Moves October is to get dressed every morning like you’re going to run into your ex. Well initially I was like, “I could not care less what my ex would think of me I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on in my Nikes and gym clothes and no makeup because I don’t have time to change between class and the gym.” Then I decided that this is the shit I always do. I always say things like that to pretend I’m secure and get out of putting myself out there. NOT a bold move. So I got my ass up early to look like I would want my less recent ex to see me, but also better yet my theoretical next boyfriend to see me. And now I feel weird and anxious, but also like I could take on the world. May not seem bold, but for someone with anxiety, gotta start small.

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